A Smart Guide to Crypto Charts

Posted On : 09 Sep 2020
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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

HotBTC live market data in terms of the cryptos provided is not that sophisticated to be understood, it is simply the hourly and minute historical data with a timestamp which also includes the daily average price based and total and hourly exchange volume of currencies. The data provided by the exchange allows you to evaluate and analyze the performance of different cryptos, and since it is generated in real-time, it can help you smart trades using your cryptos.

This exchange platform keeps a regular check on the market data of cryptocurrencies in real-time, and this data is provided to its traders with a timestamp including the daily average currency price and total and hourly exchange volume of the currencies. There is no doubt to the fact that HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and market data provided helps you manage risks and stay put in order to gather more in smaller proportions from your regular trades.

The live market data is displayed in a chart format which is an absolute need of the hour and a must-use tool for any crypto trader. The most interesting fact is that this data chart does offer you all the information you require. Here is what you receive in terms of benefits from checking market data –

  • The data charts are updated in real-time.
  • Data charts are available totally free of cost.
  • Extensive market data is provided in terms of each and every transaction.
  • The market data is totally web-based and there is no need for data chart installation.

Another interesting thing about the market shared by HotBTC is that market data is shared in a visually appealing and can be customized using different types of technical indicators as well. The traders on HotBTC can even share their charts and ideas with other traders in order to conduct, and they can even follow other traders and discuss on the crypto market happenings as well.

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and provides you with coherent market data that is matched into one system along with the same trade volumes only. The live graphical data chart is specifically designed to keep the traders well updated with all the latest information’s regarding the cryptocurrencies and its trade.

Here are some simple tips on how to follow market data and get started with your trades without any hassle –

  • Follow the Bollinger bands

As named after its inventor John Bollinger there are several bands displayed on the chart. The bands work by using a 20-day slow moving average of the closing prices for every crypto on any particular day, drop off the earliest price, and addition of the price on the 21st day. Here the standard deviation of the price is studied and is factored in.

  • Follow the line and candlestick charts

As used by many exchanges for updating market data HotBTC also makes use of the line and candlestick charts, and these charts work the same way the digital currency charts do simply by graphing several things on a single chart on a regular basis. On the line charts, the information on the horizontal (X) axis time is displayed and the price is measured on the vertical (Y) axis. ON the other hand, the candlestick charts can provide far more information, so it is up to choose the best one. Simply by observing the updates on the charts it makes it far easier for coin listing on HotBTC as well.

  • Follow the market experts

Even after having real-time market data in your sleeves, it is suggested to follow an expert trader and learn more from their decision-making capabilities. Having sourced the market data from the top traders will help you grow your confidence and improve your decision-making ability and even learn some extras as well.

  • Understand factors in the market data influencing prices

The cryptocurrency prices do fall and rise sharply so it is very important that you carefully consider the perceived utility of the asset. Pay more attention to the news and headlines regarding coins and tokens which is also included and updated into market data.

HotBTC is the best crypto trading platform incorporated with live market data https://app.hotbtc.exchange/exchange#btc_eth that will help you to receive more information and even to track the price of the digital assets in real-time. This feature of the exchange gives you the freedom to access live market data on the trading platform without navigating to other individual exchange platforms.

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