What we do

  • Incubate entrepreneurs and projects
  • Make direct investments
  • Collaborate with other industry partners and participate as LP

We support entrepreneurs in

  • Funding
  • Go-to-market strategy & BD
  • Token Models & Distributions
  • Technical Review
  • Talent Recruiting

Our investment focus includes

  • Public Blockchains
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  • Wallets & Payment
  • Stable Digital Currencies
  • ATS/Security Token Platforms
  • dApps

We maintain the International standard regulations for digital currency exchanges functioning worldwide.

Founded in January of 2019 and based in Canada, HOTBTC is an asset network that provides investors with access to global investment, allowing a seamless and efficient flow of high quality assets around the world.

Hotbtc is one of the most advanced and trusted digital currency trading exchanges. It is not only limited to cryptocurrencies, we use blockchain technology and tokenization to bridge traditional markets to support the trading of a variety of assets. We have listed ICOs in Hotbtc for users to get access to varied ICOs and their inclusions.

With Average Daily Volume of $ 1 Million and 15 Transactions per second, Hotbtc is the easiest and safest digital currency exchange to buy, sell and trade currencies and tokens through a single wallet. One single account is designated for every activity you perform in our exchange. Simple deposit and withdrawal processes are followed for users both, novice and veteran. We are available 24X7 for you to reach us. You may reach our customer support team to resolve your queries, understand exchange features and get answers regarding your wallet and funds.

We are a team of digital currency enthusiasts and blockchain technology expects who share the passion of bringing a change in the concept of digital currency trading. Taking one step at a time, we have built Hotbtc and added features which assure user-friendly environment, enhanced security and lightening speed trading to our users. Innovation is our motto; hence, we will keep innovating Hotbtc to make it easier for you.


Our mission is to lead the development of the global asset by building a community-oriented, self-driven circulation network, designed to interconnect asset owners and investors.

We aim to empower millions of users from all over the world to have easy access into the world of investment. We strive to be the leaders of the next generation of blockchain technology.


Our vision is to increase the freedom of money globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world

Our Values


Our primary goal is to give investors and asset owners from all over the world access to a global platform that is designed to remove the barriers of time, currency, and language making asset trading and investing accessible to everyone no matter who they are or where they are.


The traditional finance world can be intimidating and restrictive. Our platform is designed to give our users a comprehensive, yet intuitive experience. We believe everyone should be able to participate in our asset network, and we strive to make this experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

At HOTBTC we believe it is paramount that everyone should have the freedom to control and maximize their wealth; we strive to make this a reality by providing 24/7 trading hours and global best bid and offer which allows investors to buy and sell a variety of assets at the best available prices.


HOTBTC is officially registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with Canada regulators.

HOTBTC is also regulated in EU. HOTBTC currently holds two operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

Contact Us

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