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Posted On : 11 May 2020
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HotBTC is a free coin listing exchange providing an extensive opportunity to trade on digital currencies, coins or tokens. This is a secure and technologically advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that provides you with several instant trading and digital wallet facilities. Listing coins on this exchange platform is quite simple and can you start listing your coins by almost immediately by opening an account in order to manage all your trades, make a deposit into your cryptocurrency wallet for initiating the trade.

Moreover, HotBTC gives you the extensive opportunity of trading anytime from anywhere, and withdraw your assets with a detailed financial history in real-time along with added cryptocurrency exchange security features. In terms of benefit, this crypto trading platform has a special referral program that provides all its users with an option to receive the permanent additional revenue in real-time mode as well.

Please follow these simple steps to apply for coin listing –

·         Click on the sign-up link and register on HotBTC to create an account with a valid email id and password or referral code (optional) at

·         Once your account is created, visit the Login page and enter the valid email address and password.

·         Completing successful Login, you will be directed to a form-page for listing your coins.

·         In the coin listing form, there are two different sections.

·         In the first section, you have to enter your personal details like Email address, your full name and your current company name, have to put in brief detail about your coin/token project, and select coin request as yes or no.

Fill up the project overview part in the second section of the form-

·         Here, you have to provide everything regarding your project like the Project name, Coin/token name, Coin/token symbol, Project’s official website, a permanent link to the project’s whitepaper, etc.

·         Now you have to check-out the boxes to select the nature of the project as per your choice like Currency, DApp, Payments Token, Protocol, Platform, Stable coin, or other.

·         Provide brief information about the main application of your project such as cloud computing, file storage, marketplace, and anti-counterfeiting, etc.

·         Provide brief information about the target industry of your project like finance, healthcare, supply chain, social media, and energy, etc.

·         Provide brief information about your competitors (crypto and non-crypto), and how your project differentiates it from others.

·         You can provide any other information to be shared (if any) in the box provided.

·         Put in the verification code visible below and click on submit.

·         After submitting the application form, it will be reviewed by HotBTC at the backend.

Moreover, you can even list your coins totally free of cost on the crypto trading platform if you can register 1000 users interested or likes your coin. However, your coin will be listed for free only after the 1000 users have liked your coin and successfully registered themselves in the HotBTC mobile app by downloading it from Google Play Store. Utilize this latest offer from HotBTC which is applicable for all types of coins. Furthermore, HotBTC allows traders of all profiles to get their tokens or coins listed on the platform as well. The cryptocurrency lists available on the platform are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS, and many more.

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