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Stop Order vs Limit Order vs Stop Limit Order

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange that allows its traders to visualize orders (open & close), trade volumes, positions, and price alerts, modify any order properties, and apply different trade strategies. In term Read More


Best Performing Cryptos on HotBTC Exchange

Being the most advanced and interactive trading platform HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange that is welcomed by the crypto community all over the world. For offering varied types of cryptos this platform is gaining po Read More


Why HotBTC Interface is Next-Level

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange which has extended its services for the traders in the crypto domain for several years. The exchange is available with a user-friendly and ready to use UI (user interface) which has Read More


Cryptocurrency Trading on HotBTC Mobile App

The cryptocurrency trading exchanges have emerged as a digital alternative to traditional trading methods like exchanging cash or credit cards. Among all the crypto exchanges around the world, HotBTC is the best crypto exchan Read More


Connect With Us On Social Media

Cryptocurrency trading is the hype in the market today started back in 2016, and almost overnight its popularity has exceeded the expected limits. All the people are now showing interest and keen on trading with the virtual c Read More


Promote your ICO Airdrop on HotBTC Exchange

The ICO Airdrops on a top crypto trading platform like HotBTC is
particularly designed to distribute more coins to people who would like to market the coins or the project in the same manner in order to generate more profi Read More


Refer and Earn on Every Crypto Trade

The cryptocurrency exchanges are the breeding ground of traders and users with a motive to buy, sell, and, trade their coins and tokens of the platform. The referral affiliate program of HotBTC is particularly designed for th Read More


One Wallet for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

HoTBTC is the only trade platform that offers one account, one trade, and one wallet facility for its traders to store cryptocurrencies on a single platform, only dedicated to the convenience of the traders. The crypto wallet Read More


360° Security for Cryptocurrency Trading

HotBTC cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform built for traders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, and can even store their assets using digital provided by the platform. When talking about the cyber security issues asso Read More


The Best Crypto Trading Strategies

With numerous crypto trading platforms emerging every day you need to be market expert to make the most out of your trades. HotBTC suggests it is best to implement those working strategies that will work in your favor, and be Read More


All About HotBTC AML Regulations

AML or anti-money laundering regulations and policies are followed by the cryptocurrency exchanges to stop illegal money laundering on the platform. After you create your trading account on HotBTC, you have to complete the AM Read More


Refer and Earn On Cryptocurrency Trading

HotBTC is one of the most globally acclaimed cryptocurrency trading exchanges that offer its traders to refer and earn from their trades. You can refer and earn from your trades on the platform apart from trading cryptocurren Read More


Crypto Trading Now Available On Android

Over the years, cryptocurrency mobile trading applications on Google Playstore and Appstore are becoming increasingly popular with the masses. These applications provide an efficient trade platform that can be operated from a Read More


Live Market Data For Easy Crypto Trading

The cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe have come up with graphical representations of trade charts or live market data in order to provide you information regarding trades or the prices of the currencies. HotBTC crypto Read More


Trade Crypto on High Liquidity

Liquidity in the cryptocurrency trade generally refers to the ease of helping in exchanging digital assets. A liquidity filled market is the right place where your digital assets can be bought or sold at transparent prices. A Read More


Stay Connected on Telegram

Telegram is a messaging platform used by HotBTC for posting the latest updates and happenings about cryptocurrency trades for several years. This is an amazing marketing platform or tool best used for content promotion and di Read More


Stop Loss in Crypto Trading

Stop-loss in trading is a simple crypto trading tool that is designed to limit the maximum losses of trade and liquidate assets once the market prices reach the specific value and not less than the predefined value. Once int Read More


Coin Listing and Profit Sharing Crypto Exchange

HotBTC is a top crypto exchange platform that has emerged as a digital alternative to the traditional methods of exchanges such as cash or credit. Being based on cryptography, the use of cryptocurrencies for exchange or trade Read More


Beginner Guide to Thrive in Crypto Trading

In order to make a profit from buying, selling, and trading on a cryptocurrency trading platform the first thing that you should do is create an exchange account and a digital wallet. HotBTC exchange does serve the same purpo Read More


HotBTC Multi-Utility Crypto Wallet

Also known as a digital wallet, a crypto wallet is a simple algorithm programmed to store multiple currencies and is basically used in the cryptocurrency exchanges. The wallets are operated using two types of security keys su Read More


HotBTC Customer Support Center

HotBTC offers customer support to both corporate and professional crypto trading accounts that are tailor-made specifically to meet specific needs and is active 24/7. This is one of the best trade exchanges that is feature-lo Read More


2020 Prediction Of Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoins were introduced in the cryptocurrency exchanges in the year 2008, and it was the first application of Blockchain Technology. Since then new Bitcoins were mined and used in the exchanges with real-time transaction inf Read More


Phishing Scams Haunting Cryptocurrency Industry

Phishing scams have inhabited several big industries, and even the crypto industry is not spared from its grip. Being wary of the scams in the industry can be the only solution in order to save you from jeopardizing this boom Read More


Lesser Known Facts About HotBTC Community

HotBTC is one of the unique trading platforms that are welcomed by crypto communities all over the globe. Apart from varied offers and features, HotBTC cryptocurrency exchange is best known for lightning-fast trades, no hidde Read More


Get connected to HotBTC Crypto Trading Platform

HoTBTC crypto trading platform offers both corporate and professional crypto trading accounts that are tailor-made specifically to meet specific needs. It is robust and offers hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange trading on Bi Read More


A Powerful Cryptocurrency Trade Engine

HotBTC trade platform has a powerful cryptocurrency trade engine that could successfully help in enhancing the economic welfare of any economic system across the globe. Moreover, the most interesting fact is that it acts or p Read More


Security Aspects for Safe Crypto Trading

HotBTC is the best place for trading cryptocurrencies and is one of the top decentralized crypto exchanges providing essential asset security to all its traders. Basically a cryptocurrency exchange is made secure cryptographi Read More


List your coins

HotBTC crypto exchange platform has come up with an extensive opportunity to trade on digital currencies or coins, and it is a secure and technologically advanced cryptocurrency trading platform based on blockchain technology Read More


List Your Token

When you try to List a token on the HotBTC crypto trading platform it provides you with the much-needed trading exposure needed in terms of cryptocurrency trading. However, the best way to list your tokens in some of the well Read More


Buy and Sell Crypto

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency exchanges are feature-loaded, robust, and hassle-free exchange platform built for you to trade with the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, M Read More


All About Stop Limit

A stop-Limit is a set of instructions in order to place a trade order as per the predefined parameters. However, when the current crypto market price reaches the trigger price, and you can automatically place an order on the Read More


Trade Crypto on HotBTC Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading is now quite popular among both, novice and expert traders, who are successfully trading with different cryptocurrencies on the exchanges. Moreover, there are multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms t Read More


HotBTC Mobile App

HotBTC has made it easy to manage both your trades and digital assets by providing the HotBTC mobile app that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) totally free of cost. Moreover, the HotBTC cryptocurr Read More


What is Bitcoin halving?

Bitcoin halving is an event that happens when the reward for mining new Bitcoin is cut in half and superpower computers are used to earn or mine them to enter circulation. Moreover, this event is also known to cut the inflati Read More


Steps to trade on HotBTC

In the virtual world with the emergence of totally different and new cryptocurrency trading platforms, it has become quite difficult to select the odd or best one out. However, in terms of the best crypto trading platform, Ho Read More


Process of ICO listing

Initial Coin Offering or ICO offered by HotBTC is the best way of sourcing funds to different cryptocurrency platforms through means such as buying or selling of digital assets or an ICO campaign. Moreover, there are no rules Read More

How to earn on HotBTC?

A cryptocurrency trading platform has lots of benefits, but can be confusing at times for beginners. Using the HotBTC platform you can earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies which are decentralized digital currencies and ca Read More

What is HotBTC exchange platform?

Hot BTC is an online cryptocurrency trading platform which is designed to be used as a medium of exchanging coins or digital currencies and earn in a secure manner.In comparison to the centralized fiat currencies used in the Read More

Concept of stop order limit

Also known as a limit order, a stop-limit order is an order limit price that is set when a specific price has been reached. Once a limit order is set on the cryptocurrency trading site, the exchange can be executed when the m Read More

Concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

In cryptocurrency trading, initial coin offering (ICO) is equivalent or the same as Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is basically the process of raising funds for any company which wants to create a new coin or launch an ICO Read More

Latest trends in mobile application development

After the launch of smartphones in the year 1994, no one could have imagined that it will become an integral part of our life. With the launch of new devices every year, the mobile application development industry is also res Read More


The future of Digital Currency

Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are entering our financial systems and are successfully contributing a sense of trust in the financial transactions. Digital currencies are consistently and have successfully eradicated Read More


Blockchain Technology Trends

A Blockchain is a decentralised network which allows two parties to directly deal removing the need of intermediaries or third parties. Blockchain is built on cryptographic codes which are unique. It provides transparenc Read More

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