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Latest Happenings of crypto trading

How to earn on HotBTC?

Cryptocurrency trading has a lot of benefits, but can be confusing at times for beginners. Using the HotBTC platform you can earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies which are decentralized digital currencies and can be bough Read More

What is HotBTC exchange platform?

Hot BTC is an online trading platform which is designed to be used as a medium of exchanging coins or digital currencies and earn in a secure manner. In comparison to the centralized fiat currencies used in the banking system Read More

Concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

In cryptocurrency trading, initial coin offering (ICO) is equivalent or the same as Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is basically the process of raising funds for any company which wants to create a new coin or launch an ICO Read More

Latest trends in mobile application development

After the launch of smartphones in the year 1994, no one could have imagined that it will become an integral part of our life. With the launch of new devices every year, the mobile application development industry is also res Read More

The future of Digital Currency

Digital Currency and Bitcoin are entering our lives and generating factors that contribute to a sense of trust. Digital Currency is consistently removing the need of third parties or middlemen for controlling your funds.
Read More

Blockchain Technology Trends

A Blockchain is a decentralised network which allows two parties to directly deal removing the need of intermediaries or third parties. Blockchain is built on cryptographic codes which are unique. It provides transparenc Read More

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