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HOTBTC — The Best ICO Listing Platform


We maintain the International standard regulations set for crypto exchange websites functioning worldwide.

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HOTBTC crypto trading platform provide you 24X7 customer support for all your queries, confusions and questions associated to Hotbtc.

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Customer Oriented

Our cryptocurrency trading site is totally focused on customer needs, Hotbtc places customer satisfaction at the core of any business decision.

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HOTBTC crypto trading platform is equipped with real-time market data, wallet deposits and withdrawals and all updates as per changing financial markets are instant.

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Our crypto coin exchange allows you to trade on multiple digital currencies and tokens using your fiat currencies on Hotbtc platform.

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Trade coin and open order books with stability during fluctuating market gives you a seamless trading experience.

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Two-factor authentication, secure storage, continued backup, and bitcoin wallet makes Hotbtc a secure platform.

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Single wallet with multiple features makes it easier for the users of this btc exchange site to trade and manage funds hassle-free.

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There are no hidden charges on the coin trading platform and Hotbtc do not promote such with users paying what’s been shown.

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