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Bitcoin Surges Towards The $12,000 Mark

After a prolonged period of stability, Bitcoin has surged the $12,000mark. This sudden leap of the rise was predicted and closely watched after reaching the $10,000 per bitcoin level for the first time after the month of June 2020. In the last seven days, Bitcoin is hitting a high by over 20% after the last […]

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Bitcoin trading in India

Learn all about BID, ASK and BUY in Bitcoin trading

HotBTC has been involved in Bitcoin trading for several years from now and there are three terms that hold its own importance when it comes to Bitcoin trading, and all the three are needed to be completed all at once. However, in simple terms, a bid price refers to the highest price allotted for a […]

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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

A Smart Guide to Crypto Charts

HotBTC live market data in terms of the cryptos provided is not that sophisticated to be understood, it is simply the hourly and minute historical data with a timestamp which also includes the daily average price based and total and hourly exchange volume of currencies. The data provided by the exchange allows you to evaluate […]

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Profit Sharing on Crypto Trading

With a huge development in the crypto domain, there are a number of exchanges that have successfully spread the roots in the industry.HotBTC is one of those renowned cryptocurrency exchanges that draw the attention of many traders by offering the best in the industry. This crypto exchange has come up with a profit-sharing policy that […]

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HotBTC Community

Connect HotBTC Community on Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms available in the industry and is now being used by the cryptocurrency exchanges like HotBTC and several others for posting the latest updates and happenings about cryptocurrency trades. This social media channel is an amazing marketing tool that is best used for content promotion and to […]

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

Know All About Crypto Liquidity

Liquidity on the cryptocurrency exchanges does impact your trades to a certain extent by helping convert cryptos to cash and also faster transactions as well. HotBTC is a feature-rich trading platform with future first features and high liquidity that could easily help generate more funds both for its traders and the companies trading on the […]

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How HotBTC provides customer security

Different cryptocurrency exchanges that are operating worldwide have incorporated the KYC process in order to manage and verify the identities of its traders in order to prevent any fraudulent activities on the platform. With the implementation of this process, it will help identify the hackers and improve transparency as well. HotBTC KYC Policy is […]

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Crypto Trading

Kick Start Cryptocurrency Trading

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange with different trade opportunities and features that have been introduced for the first in the industry, and the platform lets you trade with cryptocurrencies and exchange them with other assets such as conventional money and any other cryptocurrencies. This is the best crypto trading platform that lets you trade […]

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HotBTC Exchange

HotBTC Crypto Trading Community

There is no doubt to the fact that social media availability of HotBTC has driven the brand to the next level in its domain. Cryptocurrency trading is the hype in the market today which gradually started way back in the year 2016, and almost overnight its popularity has exceeded the expected limits. All the people […]

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