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Crypto Trading Stratgies

The Best Crypto Trading Strategies

With numerous crypto trading platforms emerging every day you need to be market expert to make the most out of your trades. HotBTC suggests it is best to implement those working strategies that will work in your favor, and better not blindly copy those strategies implemented by other traders. HotBTC is the best crypto trading […]

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HotBTC Exchange

Clear Your Doubts With HotBTC FAQ

FAQ simply stands for Frequently Asked Questions which is built separately on a crypto exchange website. The FAQ section of HotBTC is an organized collection of valuable information that would be helpful for the traders in terms of the cryptocurrency trades on the platform. The answers to all your questions in terms of crypto trading […]

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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

All About HotBTC AML Regulations

AML or anti-money laundering regulations and policies are followed by the cryptocurrency exchanges to stop illegal money laundering on the platform. After you create your trading account on HotBTC, you have to complete the AML regulations which are incorporated by the exchange in order to avoid scams and properly complete the verification process for the […]

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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Refer and Earn On Cryptocurrency Trading

HotBTC is one of the most globally acclaimed cryptocurrency trading exchanges that offer its traders to refer and earn from their trades. You can refer and earn from your trades on the platform apart from trading cryptocurrencies and it is the right place for listing your ICOs, new coins, and tokens. This exchange platform offers […]

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HotBTC Mobile Application

Crypto Trading Now Available On Android

Over the years, cryptocurrency mobile trading applications on Google Playstore and Appstore are becoming increasingly popular with the masses. These applications provide an efficient trade platform that can be operated from any location using any Android device and iOS device respectively. Since the crypto trading market is an ever-changing landscape and changes with 24 hours, […]

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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

Live Market Data For Easy Crypto Trading

The cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe have come up with graphical representations of trade charts or live market data in order to provide you information regarding trades or the prices of the currencies. HotBTC crypto trading platform has the advanced live market data charting functionality which allows the traders to know or visualize orders, positions, […]

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HotBTC Crypto Exchange

Trade Crypto on High Liquidity

Liquidity in the cryptocurrency trade generally refers to the ease of helping in exchanging digital assets. A liquidity filled market is the right place where your digital assets can be bought or sold at transparent prices. A crypto exchange can be tagged as the best crypto exchange if it can provide high liquidity. One of […]

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HotBTC Telegram

Stay Connected on Telegram

Telegram is a messaging platform used by HotBTC for posting the latest updates and happenings about cryptocurrency trades for several years. This is an amazing marketing platform or tool best used for content promotion and distribute your message to your target audiences and maintain direct contact with them. The interesting about using the Telegram platform […]

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HotBTC Stop Loss

Stop Loss in Crypto Trading

Stop-loss in trading is a simple crypto trading tool that is designed to limit the maximum losses of trade and liquidate assets once the market prices reach the specific value and not less than the predefined value. Once into cryptocurrency trading, you should be well aware of the term “stop-loss”, and know every detail about […]

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