HOTBTC — The Best ICO Listing Platform

HotBTC Coin Listing Exchange

Coin Listing and Profit Sharing Crypto Exchange

HotBTC is a top crypto exchange platform that has emerged as a digital alternative to the traditional methods of exchanges such as cash or credit. Being based on cryptography, the use of cryptocurrencies for exchange or trade has set a totally different and alternative perspective as well. The best part of crypto trading is that […]

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HotBTC crypto trade

Beginner Guide to Thrive in Crypto Trading

In order to make a profit from buying, selling, and trading on a cryptocurrency trading platform the first thing that you should do is create an exchange account and a digital wallet. HotBTC exchange does serve the same purpose and lets you trade seamlessly in a secure manner. Now, after creating an account on the […]

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HotBTC Crypto Exchange

HotBTC Multi-Utility Crypto Wallet

Also known as a digital wallet, a crypto wallet is a simple algorithm programmed to store multiple currencies and is basically used in the cryptocurrency exchanges. The wallets are operated using two types of security keys such as a public key and a private key that interacts with the blockchain network in order to help […]

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HotBTC Customer Support

HotBTC Customer Support Center

HotBTC offers customer support to both corporate and professional crypto trading accounts that are tailor-made specifically to meet specific needs and is active 24/7. This is one of the best trade exchanges that is feature-loaded, robust, and a hassle-free crypto exchange platform that is specifically built to trade major digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, […]

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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Importance of KYC for HotBTC cryptocurrency exchange

As simply known as “know your customer”, KYC is such an important procedure implemented by HotBTC exchange in order to identify its customers or the traders. However, KYC plays a vital role and is incorporated in the trade process in order to eliminate unwanted people and to make sure that they are not able to […]

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HotBTC Exchange

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose HotBTC Crypto Trading Platform

HotBTC exchange is a unique trading engine in the crypto industry is a platform or medium of exchange for cryptocurrencies and even fiat currencies. This crypto trading platform has gained rapid popularity and global recognition among worldwide traders.  It is a true fact that the global economy is being drawn towards the digital economy and […]

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HotBTC Crypto Exchange

What makes HotBTC Exchange stand out of the crowd

Keeping the simplicity alive let HotBTC operate the cryptocurrency trade on the platform seamlessly with best in class trade solutions. It is a globally recognized cryptocurrency or digital currency exchange platform which lets you trade and exchange cryptocurrencies for other assets in terms of both fiat money and digital currencies. Moreover, it is the best […]

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A guide to crypto trading

A Comprehensive Guide to Earn Money from Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has been the interest of many people for quite some time now as it can another way or source of generating incomes. People are quite curious about the risks involved in crypto trading and even speculate its past and future for many reasons. Whatever be the reason of curiosity, crypto trading does have […]

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Bitcoin Trading in India

2020 Prediction Of Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoins were introduced in the cryptocurrency exchanges in the year 2008, and it was the first application of Blockchain Technology. Since then new Bitcoins were mined and used in the exchanges with real-time transaction information. As per the market report, it is estimated that the price of Bitcoins is likely to hover around $ 9.500 […]

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