Changing Trends in Crypto Industry Post COVID-19

Posted On : 22 Jul 2020
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Trends in all the industries keep on changing with the increasing demand for the services provided and the same goes for the crypto industry even during a crisis period of COVID – 19 pandemic. HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and is a rising cryptocurrency platform in the crypto domain which has experienced several ups and downs in the market and still thrives and is counted among the top cryptocurrency exchanges even in the crisis period as well. The countries across the globe are still in the lookout on how to stimulate their economies by opening different alternatives in the digital domain with a lasting impact.

To be the top crypto trading platform in this market it requires staying updated with the changing market trends and developments in the crypto industry. HotBTC follows the latest trends and the guidelines which are equally important to be followed to offer its traders with the best trade options available. In this blog, we are going to cover the recent trends and developments in the crypto-industry, also discuss the developments in terms of crypto trading and coin listing on the exchange platforms.

Here are some of the latest trends followed by a top crypto trading platform –

  • Rising crypto market

As cryptocurrencies are achieving more popularity with the people by the day, the traditional accounting services will be automated to keep up with the increased workload. According to market reports, it can be said that crypto trading on the peer-to-peer exchanges is on the rise with several crypto exchanges launched every year. Bitcoin trading is estimated to surpass the recent spike as the digital currency is in the midst of unprecedented global demand. Several global players like HotBTC will be establishing exchanges in different countries and launch crypto trading apps for the convenience of the traders. The popular market players have also expressed their interest in crypto trade after lifting a ban on cryptocurrency trading in any particular country.

  • Increasing global performance

The trading volumes of the cryptocurrencies have increased three folds when compared to traditional currencies which are bearing the brunt of falling prices and reduced volumes. There has been a significant increase in the value of the cryptos in the first six months of the fiscal year 2020. As per the market report, there has been a huge increase in trade volumes in the month of June on the decentralized exchanges. So, it is evident that the markets do hold a positive outlook for cryptocurrencies with several economies adopting crypto-friendly services and widening the acceptance of the cryptos.

  • New regulations are kicking in

According to the economic critics, more regulations and government sanctions are in the fore. New regulatory frameworks will be put into service as governments are becoming more aware of the safety of cryptocurrency trading and transactions. The cryptocurrencies are now considered to be legal, but the regulations may vary widely across different geographic locations.

  • New launches of cryptocurrencies

Different types of cryptocurrencies are setting their foothold and crossing the regulatory hurdles in the finance sector. The year 2020 will be totally different in terms of new launches and this year may set the stage for new crypto regulations as well. However, different new regulations will continue and maybe finalized as the backbone for the crypto industry.

  • Merging of Blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence)

This is the vital period when symbiotic relation between blockchain and AI will concede, say’s experts. The current year will witness the integration of machine learning into the blockchain helping drive cryptocurrency transactions efficiently. Merging of blockchain and AI will make cryptocurrency transactions more secure and different companies will be able to harness its potential.

Maintaining a top position in the list of best cryptocurrency exchange, HotBTC will keep moving ahead according to the latest and changing trends and help businesses invest heavily in smarter crypt trading solutions. However, it would be best to stay vigilant in order to keep up with the changing trends and stay ahead of the new generation of crypto-savvy competitors.

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