Coin and Token Listing on HotBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

Posted On : 05 Jun 2020
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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

HotBTC cryptocurrency exchange is a robust and hassle-free platform for listing coins or tokens. It has come up with an extensive opportunity to trade on digital currencies as well. The platform offers listing coins or tokens using technologically advanced cryptocurrency trading techniques that are totally based on blockchain technology. The best thing is listing coins is simple. All it requires is to submit a form, complete the verification and Hoorah!! Your coin is listed!!

Listing coins or token on HotBTC is also quite efficient and is accessible from across the globe. HotBTC cryptocurrency exchange is one of the leading crypto trading platforms that allow you to list the first 10 coins for USD 1000 only. You can list your coins totally free of cost if you could draw in or register 1000 users interested in or likes your coin. As per this condition, your coin will be listed for free. But, only after the 1000 users have liked your coin and successfully registered themselves using the HotBTC app available at Google Play Store

HotBTC is the best coin/token listing platform that connects you with traders across the globe. This platform makes use of several different promotional techniques to draw traders towards your coin or token. The promotional activities done by the platform include –

• Text messaging

It is an efficient way to connect with aspiring traders and lets them
know the future of your coins or tokens. This is the one of the best efforts to engage more interested traders. Text messages creates a clear impact and provide you the feedback regarding the coins being offered.

• Social media engagement

This is yet another effective promotional strategy for HotBTC to let you get closer to your target audiences. This top crypto trading platform has dedicated social media pages on the respective social media channels –

Facebook (,

Twitter (,

Instagram (

Our social networking channels may help you extend your reach to the prospective traders.

• Press releases (PR) and Blogs

There is a separate news/blog section on HotBTC where you can share all the information about your coins or tokens. The dedicated PR team of HotBTC helps you publish news and updates of you are offering. Thus, connecting with potential subscribers searching for the latest offers in the crypto market can help you build a strong network.

Taking the help of the best coin/token listing platform such as HotBTC lets you stay afloat in the crypto industry. And, is often better than using multiple promotional techniques that may or may not work for your coins or tokens. Additionally, an established and reliable crypto exchange like HotBTC lets you effectively promote your coins and tokens and draw in more potential traders.

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