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Posted On : 22 Jun 2020
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HotBTC Coin Listing Exchange

HotBTC is a top crypto exchange platform that has emerged as a digital alternative to the traditional methods of exchanges such as cash or credit. Being based on cryptography, the use of cryptocurrencies for exchange or trade has set a totally different and alternative perspective as well. The best part of crypto trading is that it is an established and viable form of investment with a positive side for being backed by the blockchain technology. In terms of listing coins on the platform, HotBTC provides an extensive opportunity to list your coins and even trade with the coins as well.

Additionally, this exchange platform is far secure and technologically advanced when compared with other market leaders in the industry, giving you instant trade and digital wallet facilities all in one place. However, being the best crypto exchange platform listing coins on this exchange platform is also very simple and easy. All you need to do is, open a trading account on the exchange, and make a deposit into your cryptocurrency wallet to initiate the coin listing process. The best thing about HotBTC is that it lets you start a trade or list coins anytime and from anywhere, and even withdraw your assets with a detailed financial history in real-time.

Simply follow the guidelines in order to list your coins today at –

  • Click on the sign-up link and register on HotBTC to create an account with a valid email id and password or referral code (optional).
  • Once your account is created, visit the Login page and enter the email address and password.
  • After a successful Login, you will be directed to a form-page to apply for coin listing.
  • In the form, you can find two different sections.
  • In the first section, you have to enter your personal details like Email address, your full name, name of your current company, you have put in brief detail about your coin/token project, and select coin request as yes or no.
  • Now comes the project overview part in the second section-
  • In the second section of the form, you have to provide everything about your project like Project name, Coin/token name, Coin/token symbol, Project’s official website, a permanent link to the project’s whitepaper, etc.
  • Now you have to check-out the boxes to select the nature of the project as per your choice like Currency, DApp, Payments Token, Protocol, Platform, Stable coin, or other.
  • Write brief information about the main application of the project like cloud computing, file storage, the marketplace, and anti-counterfeiting, etc.
  • Write brief information about the target industry of the project like finance, healthcare, supply chain, social media, and energy, etc.
  • Write brief information about the project’s competitors (crypto and non-crypto), and how your project differentiates from others.
  • You can provide any other information to be shared (in the box provided).
  • Enter the verification code visible below and click on submit.
  • After submitting the application form, it will be reviewed by HotBTC and your coin will be listed without any hassle.

Now, let’s talk about profit sharing on HotBTC  This is yet another beneficial feature of HotBTC that helps it stay distinctly ahead of the crowd. The profit-sharing divided of HotBTC is a core concept of HotBTC that allows you to emanate passive outcomes by simply holding on with the exchange’s coins or tokens in your digital wallet. As per the benefit of the profit-sharing dividend, HotBTC shares its profit with the traders while working together synchronously.  Any of its traders can become a HotBTC partner and receive dividends in BTC coin from BTC turnover on the crypto trading platform.

This is the best crypto exchange platform that lets you acquire the
profit on BTC and trade coins with any other token or coin listed on the platform all at once. If you can achieve a trading volume of over 5000 USD per day for a month, then for the consecutive month, you will receive a 50% profit from the entire profit of HotBTC on the BTC pairs on its trading fees. The profit will be shared on the 1st of every month; statistics of profit distribution will be released each month and will be calculated in BTC only.

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