Copy Trading: Revolutionizing social trading platform

Posted On : 21 Jan 2020
Category : News

In the online cryptocurrency trading domain, Copy Trading is gaining popularity among the new and experienced traders having a high-profit margin. It helps enter the financial markets and start trading instantly where trades are executed by veteran traders with proven track records. This kind of trading solution is quite unique in its segment helping you trade digital money. Traders having less time and experience will be benefitted by copy trading and are able to trade their money themselves. Because of having high potentials even brokers are also using this trading platform. At present, there are multiple online exchange platforms offering this method of trading in manual, automated or semi-automated, and different other forms.

As the name suggests, this form of trading directly copies the position of another trader and connect you with their positions. Once you have successfully linked your portfolio with other traders, you can simply copy their current position in the financial market. However, if the other person opens a new trade then you have to do the same, and it is vice-versa when closing an account as well. In this trading system, everything depends on the happenings of the opposite or copied account holder, like if they gain you gain and if they lose you lose. Copy-trading has gained its popularity from the matter of the fact that it allows inexperienced traders to make money in the financial markets.

A lot of experienced and pro copy traders use this platform to perform market research for a complete analysis of the trading market. Moreover, it even saves a lot of time by implementing different profitable strategies. However, there are many advantages of using HotBTC exchange platform:

  • It helps the novice traders to familiarize themselves with the latest trends of the financial market and gain self-confidence.
  • Experienced traders don’t need to put in valuable time in market research work and can take part in trading actively.
  • Copy-trading can be implemented along with different trading instruments such as forex trading, stock trading, commodity trading and several others as well.
  • It helps create a new trading community including novice and experienced traders who are able to share business ideologies, and strategies, hence improving their trading abilities.
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