Crypto Trading Now Available On Android

Posted On : 29 Jun 2020
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HotBTC Mobile Application

Over the years, cryptocurrency mobile trading applications on Google Playstore and Appstore are becoming increasingly popular with the masses. These applications provide an efficient trade platform that can be operated from any location using any Android device and iOS device respectively. Since the crypto trading market is an ever-changing landscape and changes with 24 hours, so it makes it impossible to monitor the changes every time using a laptop or a computer. HotBTC crypto trading mobile application helps you trade and keep your updated by notifying about the latest happenings on the exchange platform in real-time.

In order to start trading on the best cryptocurrency trading platform, all you need to have is a smartphone operating on the Android operating system. Simply download the mobile app from Google Play Store and install it in your Android device, now create and login to trading instantly. The interesting feature of this app is that it helps you manage all your digital assets in a more secure manner. This crypto mobile application offers extensive trading options in a secure and streamlined manner. It is built with the latest features, and the mobile app helps you trade on the go from any corner of the world.

Here are some of the most important and interesting features of HotBTC mobile application –

  • Profile and account management.
  • Two-factor authentication security feature.
  • Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Access digital wallets for secure storage of digital assets.
  • Customized trading interface with one-click-trading feature.
  • Sleek and dynamic trade interface.
  • Multi-currency balance display dashboard.
  • Password with OTP login enabled.
  • QR-code generation for payments.
  • News Section to keep you updated with the latest.
  • Integrated social network links.
  • Supports a host of different coins and tokens.

Why should you use the HotBTC mobile app for trading?

This is the era of smartphones and these devices are here to stay for long and cannot be replaced as of now. So, HotBTC being a top crypto exchange has provided a new kind of financial tool that can help you make millions within a very short span of time. Now, getting back to smartphones, they are irreplaceable and it is hard to get people out of using the devices. Be it dawn or dusk people are always attached to the smartphones and spend a lot of their time throughout the day.

The smartphones have impacted the crypto domain over recent years making crypto trading more reliable and hassle-free. So in this era of smartphones, choosing one can be a viable option to trade with the cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the benefits of the crypto trading mobile app –

  • Trade anywhere and anytime.
  • Enhanced trade accessibility.
  • Reduces time and effort to trade.
  • Easy management of your trade portfolio.
  • Increased liquidity of the digital assets.

The HotBTC mobile application is the great fusion of security and support and is totally built for managing and trading your digital assets with minimum effort. HotBTC is the market leader in crypto trading and provides the best cryptocurrency trading platform which is particularly designed for each and every individual user according to their needs and preferences.

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