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Posted On : 21 Jul 2020
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HotBTC Android Application

The cryptocurrency trading exchanges have emerged as a digital alternative to traditional trading methods like exchanging cash or credit cards. Among all the crypto exchanges around the world, HotBTC is the best crypto exchange giving you “trade on the go” benefit by providing the mobile application available on the Google Play Store

The mobile application does serve as a trading tool that can be used by the traders as 9 out of 10 people now use smartphones. Apart from trading the HotBTC mobile app can be efficiently used for coin listing, ICO listing, checking for the transactions, and many more on the offer. Managing your digital assets has been made easier with the HotBTC mobile application available. This cryptocurrency exchange application offers extensive trading options in a secure and streamlined manner. Built with the latest features, the mobile app helps you trade on the go from any part of the world.

Some of the salient features of the HotBTC application are –

  • Managing personal profile and account monitoring.
  • Two-factor authentication security feature.
  • Buy, sell or easily exchange currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, etc.
  • Wallet system for secure storage of digital assets.
  • Customizable trading interface with the features you use the most.
  • A simple and clean design that is easy to understand.
  • Multi-currency balance display.
  • Secure password and seed key.
  • Generation of QR-code for payments.
  • SMS or email notifications with real-time price updates and current
  • exchange rates.
  • Integrated social networks.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Supports a vast number of coins and tokens.

Being the best crypto exchange HotBTC offers efficient trade methods and the mobile application is the great fusion of security and support. The application is designed for managing and trading your digital assets with minimum effort. In the category of the best crypto trading platform, HotBTC is remarkably the best platform suiting the requirements of each individual trader according to their needs and preferences.

The mobile application of HotBTC also serves different purposes as well. HotBTC is the best crypto exchange which provides the mobile application to be used for –

  • Checking live market data

The live data chart is an ultimate updating tool used by HotBTC. The live data chart is built to keep the traders updated with all the latest information’s regarding the cryptocurrencies and its trade. The live data chart can be viewed using the mobile application letting you stay updated about transactions with extensive historic data and it is a web-based data chart that is updated in real-time only.

  • Providing Email and SMS notifications

The mobile app features email and SMS notification services that are entitled to send SMS or email notifications to each and every trader of the crypto exchange. The notifications are delivered to its traders with real-time price updates, current exchange rates, the total number of transactions, and trade executions mentioned on the user dashboard.

  • Track real-time market data

You can keep a check on the market data of cryptocurrencies in real-time using the mobile application, and this data is provided to its traders with a timestamp including the daily average currency price and total and hourly exchange volume of the currencies. This real-time market data provided by HotBTC lets its trader evaluate and analyze the performance of different cryptocurrencies in real-time mode.

The above trade update features of the HotBTC mobile app can also be used for keeping the trader’s well-informed and updated at all times. The mobile application is particularly built to update you on the go by notifying about the latest happenings on the exchange platform in real-time.

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