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Posted On : 06 Aug 2020
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ICO Listing Exchange

HotBTC is a top crypto trading platform offering free ICO listing or Initial Coin Offering which can be defined as another way of providing funds through the buying or selling process of your digital assets such as the cryptocurrencies. The best thing about HotBTC is that it is a hassle-free ICO listing platform that is not bound to follow any certain rules, and the ICO listing trends on the platform keep on changing as well. Listing ICOs totally free of cost on HotBTC is very simple, and in order to apply for it, you can find an ICO listing form available on the official website https://hotbtc.exchange/.

While you list your ICOs on the exchange platforms, it is also very important to consider the branding of the ICOs for the promotion of events regarding tokens. This is the best cryptocurrency exchange providing you with a streamlined trading solution with leading and advanced blockchain technology. Listing ICOs can be a potentially hyper-profitable solution for trading with the digital currencies, and it is yet another way of providing funds to different cryptocurrency exchanges through buying or selling digital assets.

In order to apply to free ICO listing on HotBTC, please visit the official site of HotBTC and fill in an ICO listing form available on this link https://app.hotbtc.exchange/submit-ico. To list an ICO you need to enter all the details required in the ICO listing form and click on submit. Once you have submitted the form, all your details will be reviewed at the backend and your ICO will be listed free of cost after verification of the information you have entered. To make the most out of listing ICOs for free, you can take the help of several other ICO listing plans, starting with a basic, premium, and ultra plan available with HotBTC.

Here are some of the best ICO listing plans offered by HotBTC –

Basic plan

As per this plan, the ICO will be listed as long as you want with a listing price of USD 100, and it is non-refundable. Moreover, only 2 press releases or PR and blogs will be posted on the official website.

Premium plan

As per this listing plan, the ICO will be featured in the TOP PICKS section for a minimum of one month with a listing price of USD 1000 with 5 PRs and blogs will be posted on the official website, and one press release will be highlighted along with one social media submission about the ICO.


This plan can be very beneficial for you, and here the ICOs will be featured among the top 5 picks for one month with a listing fee of USD 5000 with 20 PRs and blogs will be posted on the website along with three social media submissions about the ICO. PR and media promotion for your ICOs only on HotBTC. As per the traditional methods promoting ICOs, press releases and media channels can be an effective way of getting your message across the trader community with a wide exposure to your ICO projects. HotBTC crypto trading platform is integrated with different PR and social media promotional services that can help you navigate and present much information about your ICO project. In terms of social media promotions of your ICOs, HotBTC uses some of the renowned social media community channels such as

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hotbtcexchange),

Twitter (https://twitter.com/HotbtcExchange),

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/hotbtcexchange/), and

Telegram (https://t.me/hotbtcexchange) that can help you establish better communication with traders interested in your ICOs.

HotBTC is the best crypto trading platform which apart from ICO listing also has referral programs, coin listing facilities, and several other services for all the registered traders of the platform. In the category of the ICO listing service provider’s HotBTC is best for free ICO listing and offers different plans as well suiting all your needs.

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