Click "Sign Up" on the top right corner.

1. Input your email address, password and captcha before clicking "Sign Up". Password must be between 8 and 20 characters long with at least 1 uppercase letter and 1 number.

2. HOTBTC will send you a verification email. If you do not receive the email in your inbox, please check your email in your spam or junk mail folder.

3. Please verification link in the email to complete registration. You should verify your email within 30 minutes.

China, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bolivia, Columbia In compliance with International Regulatory standards, there are a number of countries whose residents are prohibited from registering with HOTBTC.

In addition to the above listings, HOTBTC is unable to provide any services to residing customers from the United States of America (USA). This is due to the complexity of the country’s regulatory environment.

If you do not receive the verification email, please refer to the below.

✓ Ensure you have provided a correct email address

✓ check your spam or junk mail folder

If you wish to register as a corporate user, please contact us at [email protected]

We will reach out to you via email providing you the walkthrough for registering your corporate account with HOTBTC.


The fund password on HOTBTC is a second password required for the user to withdraw funds from his/her HOTBTC trading account.

User is required to confirm his/her identity when user updates information on HOTBTC.

This is an additional security feature on HOTBTC.

* Do not share your Fund Password!

* HOTBTC never asks Fund Password by phone or email.

Please submit clearly visible photo ID as well as clear and complete documentation with accurate information to complete your identity verification.

• Images must be in JPG or JPEG or PNG or PDF format.

• Images must be clear with high-resolution; all information on the images should be clearly visible.

• Images and documents must be valid without hole punches or other modifications.

• Images must be colored.

• Each photo should only contain 1 person (the user) of the account.

• The valid ID types accepted are only a passport and a government issued ID.

• ID must be valid (for example, passports that have expired will not be accepted).

• ID uploaded must be of an original copy. (not copies)

Foreigners, other than citizens, are highly recommended to submit your passport for faster verification.

• User’s face must be clearly visible.

• User’s face should be clearly visible without backlight.

• Look into the camera directly like you would do in a passport or ID photo.

• Do not wear sunglasses, hats or face mask

• If you are wearing spectacles in your ID photo, do wear them in your photo. If you are not wearing spectacles in your ID photo, remove them for your photo.

• Documents uploaded must be original. (not copies)

• Bank Statements and Proof of Address were issued within the most recent 3 months.


To exchange or buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as 2-step verification is necessary, it is a security layer in addition to your username and password. With 2FA enabled on your account, you will have to provide your password (first “factor”) and your 2FA code (second “factor”) when signing in to your account.

HOTBTC cryptocurrency exchange recommends using Google Authenticator.
1. Download and install Google Authenticator on your mobile device.
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2&hl=en
App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-authenticator/id388497605?mt=8
2. Go to Settings > Security page and click "Two-Factor Authenticator"
3. Scan QR code with Google Authenticator. If you are unable to scan the QR code, please enter the Authenticator Secret Key manually into the app.
5. Enter the code from Google Authenticator

>> If you want to move your 2FA codes to a new device and still have your old device,

1. Download and install Google Authenticator on your new mobile device.

Google Play

App Store

2. Go to Settings > Security page and click "Regenerate Secret Key"

3. Enter the Authenticator Secret Key manually into the app.

4. Back up your Secret Key above in case you lose or upgrade your phone and have to reinstall Google Authenticator.

5. Enter the code from Google Authenticator

>> If you want to move your 2FA codes to a new device and you had previously saved your 16-digit recovery key for Google Authenticator when first setting it up on your phone, you can use this recovery key to quickly restore your Google Authenticator App, without having to manually reset your Google Authenticator.

1. Log in with your email and password you registered.

2. Click [Unable to submit a one-time password?] on 2FA page.

3. Verify your identity following the guide.

4. You may reset 2FA after verifying your identity.


Open orders are processed as follows depending on the market.

- BTC/ETH/USDT Market open orders will be automatically canceled if it is not completed within 24 hours from the order time.

HOTBTC supports limit order and market orders.

- Limit Order:
A limit order is an order that sets both price and amount.
If the price you set is different from the current market price, the order will stay unfilled.
You can check unfilled orders on the Open Orders screen.

- Market Order:
If you just set the order amount when you sell(or order total when you buy), it will be completed at the most favorable price available at that time.
It is mainly used for fast trading.

HOTBTC is operating an “investment warning” system to provide a safe trading environment for the customers.

Coins/tokens may receive an “investment warning” due to 1) the change of the project’s situation 2) the change of technology/technical support, and 3) low liquidity.

After issuing an investment warning to a coin/token, HOTBTC communicates with the relevant coin/token team for a week so that the team may have a chance to provide an explanation.

If the cause of the investment warning is not fully resolved/explained during this one-week period, HOTBTC puts up another announcement to terminate support for the coin/token.

Deposits of crypto-asset that received an investment warning are limited once the announcement is made.

We also ask the customers use caution when investing to such crypto-asset.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The time taken to send cryptocurrency can be differed according to the attributes of the applicable cryptocurrency and the network condition. You can check the transaction status through Wallet Menu > Select Cryptocurrency > History Menu > click Txid.

[1] When incorrect address is entered while sending cryptocurrency Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, withdrawal requests cannot be canceled cancelled. Please double check the address before initiating transaction.
If you enter an incorrect address, the transaction may not be successful. This can result in the loss of your crypto asset.
Due to technological factors, HOTBTC bitcoin trading exchange cannot guarantee the performance and timeliness of the blockchain networks. Any problems that arise during this process will not be handled by HOTBTC.
[2] When incorrect address is entered while depositing cryptocurrency The HOTBTC team makes every effort to reduce damage to your assets by maintaining a bitcoin chart.
The following are some cases where we can help you with recovery. Depending on the situation, we may impose a fee for all recovery requests.
** Cases where recovery is possible**
1) When Destination Tag or memo is incorrectly entered
2) When Ethereum (ETH) is sent to Ethereum Classic (ETC) or vice versa.
3) When sent incorrectly from [ERC20 to ETC], [ERC20 to ETH], or [ERC20 to ERC20].
4) When ICO is incorporated and Coin/token is sent incorrectly to HOTBTC ETH Hot Wallet
5) Incorrect deposit of BTC, BCH, LTC
In the above cases, you can contact customer center through Support Menu > Submit Request.
* Please make sure to enter the correct address when making a transfer.
* Although recovery work is carried out, not the entire incorrectly sent amount may be recovered.
* If you withdrew via Lightning Transfer, please submit a request.

Cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal are possible if you are at Verification Level 2 and above.

The cryptocurrency withdrawal fee differs according to the cryptocurrency.

If you use Lightning Transfer between HOTBTC accounts, the withdrawal fee is free.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal can be disabled on certain situations to protect your account from unauthorized access.

The possible situations and restricted time are as follows: (The withdrawal function is activated automatically when the restriction time is over.)

5) Google Authenticator reset: Disabled for 48 hours

6) Fund password reset: Disabled for 48 hours

1. If your order has not executed:

Please check the price of the open order and verify whether if it has matched counterparty (bid/ask) price and volume or not.

If you would like to expedite it, you can consider canceling the open order and submit a new order with a more competitive price.

2. If you cannot cancel the order, or coins weren’t credited in your account etc, please reopen the ticket and attached:

The order screenshot;

Exception or error screenshot;

We will try best to solve it as soon as possible. By the way priority would be low if tickets lack of above screenshots.

Corporate Account

• No Withdrawal Limits – Corporate accounts do not have a 24-hour withdrawal limit

• Fast Deposits – lower confirmations for qualifying coins

• Priority Support – corporate support requests are routed to the corporate support queue

• API integration benefits

High frequency REST API access – non-corporate accounts limited to 60 calls/min

High frequency Websocket API access

API developer slack channel – we will add corporate customers upon request

• Audit Support – we will support administrator, accountant, and other third party requests

• Escalation contact – secondary direct contact method for non-standard requests

HOTBTC does not charge a fee to upgrade a personal account to a corporate account. Properly submitted requests are usually approved within 1 week.

To request a corporate account you must submit the Corporate Account Request form. Make sure to complete the below before you begin. Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected.

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