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Posted On : 27 Aug 2020
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There is no doubt to the fact that social media availability of HotBTC has driven the brand to the next level in its domain. Cryptocurrency trading is the hype in the market today which gradually started way back in the year 2016, and almost overnight its popularity has exceeded the expected limits. All the people are now showing interest and keen on trading with the virtual currencies on the best crypto exchange and become an expert trader in the industry.

However, when talking about cryptocurrencies we should forget about the link between cryptos and social media platforms. Apart from being the best cryptocurrency exchange, HotBTC also has a community on the social media channels and it has certainly played an important role in the success of crypto trades as well. There are certain aspects of the social media channels that are quite responsible for a lot of this newly discovered trade process.

Let’s first understand about the availability of cryptos on HotBTC.Cryptocurrencies or otherwise known as the virtual currencies are a form of encrypted, digital, and decentralized currencies that are designed on the basis of the blockchain technology. This means that the cryptos are nearly impossible to –

  • Hack, because of the security offered by blockchain technology which is known to be incredibly secure in the crypto domain.
  • As the cryptocurrencies are totally decentralized it cannot be controlled by any banks or any financial body or by the people who own them.

HotBTC is the best crypto trading platform in the industry today and by trading on this platform you are bound to reap the benefits by trading cryptocurrencies which is totally not controlled by the banks or inflation. The cryptos are only controllable by the peers who own them.

HotBTCs availability on the social media channels –

The interesting fact about the HotBTC is that it has a social media community that is always standby with varied trade information, news, or happenings. Apart from offering services like coin/token listing, this trading platform also has a community built on the social media channels such as

Facebook (,

Twitter (, 

Instagram (,  and

Telegram ( as well. The social media community of HotBTC serves as a single point of contact that can be defined as a team or in-person where you are always updated with the latest crypto news that is only related to your cryptocurrency trades.

HotBTC the best cryptocurrency exchange and it ensures that all the social media profiles of the traders can be operated in a secure manner and check for any activity that may seem to match up with the number of followers and likes. This security check is performed by the exchange in order to find that there are no individuals who rarely engage with their followers and yet having millions of followers that may not have real identities. The HotBTC trading platform makes use of the social media channels in order to keep its traders informed about the latest happenings real-time notifications and alerts or even posts about any potential scams as well. Being a part of the social media community also serves its own benefits like posting the latest tweets on Twitter can help traders get valid information in very less time.

The social media community of HotBTC is filled with passionate cryptocurrency traders and a lot of information that is shared about up-and-coming currencies, creating chat-rooms, forums, etc. You get to view regular posts about coin/token listing on the platform which also encourages more people to join the exchange platform. This is a unique trading platform welcomed by the crypto community across the world. It offers varied features like lightning-fast trades, no hidden costs, and industry-standard advanced security backing all your trades.

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