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Posted On : 13 Aug 2020
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HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and is the right place to list and market your coins by making use of different social media platforms, Press releases, and blog postings. However, the crypto industry is not bound to follow any certain rules, and the trends keep on changing quite often. Listing coins on the exchange platform is very simple and to apply for it you can find an ICO listing form available on the official website at

Importance of listing and marketing your coins

In the crypto industry, the cryptocurrencies that are mined every single day and fresh coins that are listed on the best crypto trading platform holds its own importance. Being a highly competitive market place you need to be a step ahead of the game by offering something new and extraordinary. This is the reason why you need to promote and brand your ICOs on the exchange platforms that make use of the social media channels, PRs, and Blog posts.

List your coins in the exchange platform that is operational in the industry for several years and can easily promote and market your coins effectively by HotBTC press release. The social media platforms used for the promotion of your ICOs are –

Facebook (,

Twitter (,

Instagram (, and

Telegram (

Without proper marketing of your coins, you can easily lose popularity among the traders and can even disappear from the platform in no time. HotBTC suggests this is the reason why you need to make sure that your coins are properly marketed and promoted and become an integral part of the market in order to gain the trust of traders and become a huge success in no time. However, if you have made your mind to go for coin listing then you should do it the proper way, and coin listing on HotBTC is very simple.

PR and media promotion on the top crypto trading platform – HotBTC

In terms of marketing the coins, ico listing, press releases, and media channels can be an effective way to disperse your message across the trader community with a wide exposure to your ICO project. HotBTC is one such platform offering both PR and social media promotional services that can help you market and present much information about your ICO project. In terms of social media promotions of the ICOs, HotBTC uses some of the renowned social media community channels such as Reddit, Quora, Telegram, Facebook, etc. to promote and brand your ICOs.

This can help you connect with global traders who would be interested in your ICOs. Apart from the social media channels, HotBTC also has a separate blog section to stay connected with its traders and keep them informed by posting blogs in the blog section on the official website regarding the latest happenings of the crypto industry and the ICOs listed on the platforms.

To list your ICOs on HotBTC there are three different plans available for ICOs promotion on HotBTC –

  • Basic plan

According to this plan, your ICO will be listed as long as you want with a listing price of USD 100, which is non-refundable. There will be only 2 press releases and blogs will be posted on the official website.

  • Premium plan

According to this plan, your ICO will be featured among the TOP PICKS section for a minimum period of one month with a listing price of USD 1000 along with 5 PRs and blogs that will be posted on the official website. From the 5 only one press release will be highlighted along with one social media submission about the ICO.

  • Ultra-plan

This plan can be very beneficial for you, and here the ICOs will be featured among the top 5 picks for one month with a listing fee of USD 5000 with 20 PRs and blogs will be posted on the website along with three social media submissions about the ICO.

HotBTC is the best crypto trading platform that part from listing coins also offers referral programs for all its registered traders. As per the referral program, a referral reward will be paid to you only after your friend becomes a member of HotBTC by registering by on the HotBTC mobile app using the unique referral code.

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