How HotBTC provides customer security

Posted On : 01 Sep 2020
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Different cryptocurrency exchanges that are operating worldwide have incorporated the KYC process in order to manage and verify the identities of its traders in order to prevent any fraudulent activities on the platform. With the implementation of this process, it will help identify the hackers and improve transparency as well. HotBTC KYC Policy is implemented to prevent different incidences such as hacks, scams, and, phishing on the platform.

Same as other exchanges and as per the norms HotBTC has also incorporated the KYC process which complies with different laws and regulations based on their locations and the trade features being offered. When you search for the right platform as per your requirements then it is best to search for the ones that have KYC/AML practices. In order to comply with these practices, the traders are requested to submit all their validated personal information’s during the account creation process. The KYC process may vary from one exchange to another as per its requirements due to changes in location. There are several exchanges that can even ban trading or coin listing if the KYC process is not completed in the proper manner.

The official KYC process of HotBTC can be completed by –

  • Creating an account on HotBTC all you need to do is complete your KYC
  • Submitting your Aadhar card, PAN card, or any other document holding personal information
  • Downloading the Google Authenticator app which can be used for the two-factor authentication process
  • Only after the completion of the above process, you will be able to buy or trade cryptocurrencies of your choice.

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and its KYC process makes it easier for you to transfer the currencies to any international exchange as well. After completing a trade on HotBTC you can transfer your cryptocurrencies to any Indian portal where you have completed your KYC with, and buy or sell them to get your converted money directly into your bank account.

What happens if the HotBTC KYC Policy is not incorporated?

The KYC policy is very important to be completed by the exchange because if it is not implemented properly by the exchange then it would become impossible to complete the verification process of each trader according to the international crypto trading rules and regulations. It would become impossible to prevent any illicit or illegal activities on the platform as well. Being the best crypto trading platform, HotBTC has its own KYC process that matches the international KYC standards as per the requirements of the crypto industry. A trade risk assessment would not be possible on the platform if the KYC process is not incorporated. For not being able to assess the risks it would be impossible to identify and prevent any illegal activities, and the trade process cannot be completed in an efficient manner as well.

How much importance does the KYC policy hold for HotBTC –

  • It helps in the conversion process of crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat and several other relating activities.
  • Implementation of the KYC process helps meet the rules and regulations
  • It helps in preventing money laundering and any other fraudulent activities.
  • It helps in avoiding any scam or phishing activities and properly completes the verification process of each and every trader using the platform.
  • It adheres to the validation criteria’s matched according to the needs of the crypto exchange and is helpful both for the exchange and the traders.

In terms of securing trader identities, the KYC policy of HotBTC holds its own importance, and your identity is verified the way it should be. HotBTC is the best crypto trading platform and lets you trade on the platform simply by submitting the copies of your identification proof. However, before you trade on any platform it is important you first check if the crypto exchange has incorporated proper validation policies as per your location or not. HotBTC is the renowned one that strictly mandates and adheres to the KYC procedure.

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