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Posted On : 03 Sep 2020
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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

Liquidity on the cryptocurrency exchanges does impact your trades to a certain extent by helping convert cryptos to cash and also faster transactions as well. HotBTC is a feature-rich trading platform with future first features and high liquidity that could easily help generate more funds both for its traders and the companies trading on the platform.

When talking about trading in the crypto domain the market remains a bit shallow, but the liquidity provided by the exchanges compensates for it and allows you to transact huge sum of capitals necessary to buy or sell cryptos or even transact as well. Because of being operated on the basis of blockchain technology, HotBTC only operates on ‘Proof of Work’, which enables a person/group with the largest computing power to take decisions and provide more security for the trades as well.

The trading opportunities on the exchange are huge and you are exposed to cross-chain trading patterns, letting you add more liquidity to the token pairs that you have selected and make it far easier to be swapped with BTC, ETH, USDC, and, DAI as well. Apart from crypto trading, this platform is the right place for coin listing, ICO listing, and several other trading opportunities as well. The top cryptocurrencies that are available on the exchange are Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and, many more to be counted.

Liquidity can be further defined as –

In simple terms, liquidity is the measure of how quickly you are able to convert your cryptos to cash. It is the ease of trade process with which the digital assets can be exchanged with cash by not affecting the price of it. However, before you consider the liquidity on the crypto exchanges you need to be aware of critical information like how can you complete your transactions as swiftly as possible.

Before trading on the crypto exchanges, it is very important to consider liquidity as it will help in better pricing and faster transactions with increased accuracy of the transactions. Trading on a crypto exchange high on liquidity will help in easily buying and selling the assets at a very transparent price.

Why the liquidity of a cryptocurrency exchange holds so much importance?

For having high crypto liquidity on the platform it simply shows for a stable market where the traders can trade with ease at fair prices. Here are some of the benefits brought in by high liquidity on the platform –

  • Trade on fair prices only

A highly liquid crypto market only contributes to a fair price for all the traders on the platform. It allows for a marketplace with high trading activities, thus ensuring that sellers are able to sell their cryptos at competitive prices and the buyers can also bid at higher prices as well.

  • Swift transactions

A crypto market high on liquidity also helps in simplifying the overall process of buying and selling digital assets. With a large number of participants on the exchange high liquidity helps for buying and selling and the transactions are made at a faster pace. By selecting an exchange platform offering high liquidity you are able to quickly enter or exit any trades as well.

However, it would be best to act as a wise trader while trading on the top crypto trading platform and not run for huge profits by staying put for gathering more in smaller proportions from your trades. However, it is important to remember that the financial market is always in a state of confusion and changes are inevitable at any point in time. This is the reason why you need to search for the right exchange in order to carry on with your trades without any hassle. HotBTC is one of the globally renowned crypto exchange platforms that allows you to manage all the risks involved in your trades apart from providing having high liquidity.

A crypto trading platform that is high on liquidity such as HotBTC, in several other ways could also provide protection from different trade losses and cyber threats as well. So it would be the best idea for you to assess the trade losses and the cyber threats beforehand which otherwise could easily add up to the billions without even knowing about a thing. So apart from thinking only about liquidity offered by the best cryptocurrency exchange security should also be considered as well.

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