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Posted On : 27 Jun 2020
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HotBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe have come up with graphical representations of trade charts or live market data in order to provide you information regarding trades or the prices of the currencies. HotBTC crypto trading platform has the advanced live market data charting functionality which allows the traders to know or visualize orders, positions, and price alerts, trade volumes, and can even help them modify the order properties and interpret more about their trading strategies in real-time mode. Apart from keeping an eye on the live market data, the traders are even advised to check for the trade volumes on any particular exchange.

What is a real-time or live market data chart?

This real-time data chart provided by a top crypto trading platform simply comes with its own benefits as the data is gathered from not just one data provider but from several market places. This means, that you are able to see all the cryptocurrency price movements occurring on different exchange platforms regarding any trade on any particular day. In terms of updating the live data charts, the exchanges even maintain their own trader group, and the trading information is stored independently, thus assisting you in the day-to-day market trading information’s in live data chart format.

What is trading volume on a crypto exchange?

It does not require the knowledge of rocket science to understand what the trade volume of the best crypto exchange company means. This is quite simple, as it is the total amount of trading activity on an exchange regarding buying or selling of coins or tokens. Observing the trade volume metric helps you know more about how any popular digital asset is being traded on the platform, and how frequently it is being exchanged between different traders at any point in time. Observing the trade volume of an exchange can be very helpful for you as you can plan your trade strategies according to the buying or selling activity surrounding each and every coin or token.

The best thing about HotBTC is that it has incorporated the live market data chart facility in order to help its traders simply to receive more information and even to track the price of the digital assets in real-time. This feature of the exchange gives you the freedom to access live market data on the trading platform without navigating to other individual exchange platforms. Using the live market data chart you can view the latest cryptocurrency information, with in-depth data, and you can even chart out any asset, collect stats, and know more about the digital currencies.

Benefits of live market data charts

The live market data chart of the top crypto trading platform is an absolute and must-use tool for any Crypto trader, and the chart offers all the information you require. Here is what you receive in terms of benefits –
• The charts are updated in real-time.
• Totally free of cost.
• Extensive historic data regarding each and every transaction.
• It is web-based and no data chart installation needed separately.

Another interesting thing about HotBTC is that it provides real-time market data charts which are quite visually appealing and can be customized using different types of technical indicators. The trader on HotBTC traders can even share their charts and ideas with other traders on the platform, and they can even follow other traders and discuss on the crypto market happenings as well.

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