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Posted On : 10 Aug 2020
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Crypto wallet

A secure crypto wallet is not a new thing to be considered in the crypto industry and it has been in use by each and every trader trading on the exchange platforms. The best thing about a crypto wallet is that it allows the users to send or receive cryptos and maintain a proper crypto balance as per their requirement. HotBTC also provides its traders with the wallet facility helping the traders of the platform transact the way they like, whenever and from wherever they like to.

The wallets are very handy and are a secure place to store your
cryptocurrencies, letting you manage multiple cryptocurrencies using a single wallet. These crypto wallets are known to provide more scope of control and flexibility required to manage the cryptocurrencies and there are a lot of options available as well. The crypto wallet, that is, provided by the best cryptocurrency exchange such as HotBTC is very secure and allows instant transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, and lets you check your crypto balance, transaction history in real-time. In order to trade on the platform, all you need to do is create and trade account on HotBTC https://hotbtc.exchange/ and now you are geared up with all the facilities offered on the exchange platform.

Apart from other facilities, HotBTC has been the best crypto trading platform for providing the wallet facility as wanted by many traders. You can also use your wallet to store the cryptocurrencies in order to buy or sell them at any point in time, and the location is never a constraint. Here are some of the types of crypto wallets that are available –

  • Desktop wallets

The desktop wallets can be downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop and can be accessed using a computer in which it is downloaded and installed.

  • Mobile wallets

These are app-based wallets that can be installed on your mobile phones and are quite handy as they can be used from any remote location. These wallets are much smaller in size when compared to the desktop wallets and have a limited memory space provided in it.

  • Online wallets

The online crypto wallets are designed to run on the cloud-based services and are accessible only by using a computing device from any location and they are more convenient to access as well.

  • Hardware wallets

The hardware wallets are quite different when compared with the others and they can store the user’s private keys using a hardware device such as a USB. The hardware wallets are designed to make transactions for both online and offline mode to make deposits or withdrawals.

Apart from providing a wallet facility HotBTC is also the right place for secure coin listing, providing an extensive opportunity to trade and list digital currencies or coins such as Bitcoins, Ethereums, and Litecoins seamlessly. To use a crypto wallet all you need to do is choose the wallet of your choice and select the currency you want to store in it. Then you can start sending or receiving cryptocurrencies to and from another digital wallet, and the crypto wallet lets you do this without any hassle. There is an auto-deposit feature of the wallet which is quite secure and offers transparent transactions and is incredibly fast as well. To make a deposit, all you need to do is open your crypto wallet, enter a crypto wallet address, and confirm your wallet password.

A secure crypto wallet offered by HotBTC allows for instant withdrawals with a two-factor authentication process as well. Being a multi-signature wallet, it uses two out of the three keys used in it. The third key remains stored on a remote server that tracks every transaction on your behalf. This is simply a two-step verification process with an added security layer in addition to your username and password.

The crypto wallet offered by HotBTC lets you keep track of every transaction taking place providing you with a detailed transaction statement where all the transaction records of deposits and withdrawals are stored cryptographically. The best part is that each and every detail of the transactions are stored in real-time and can be viewed whenever needed.

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