Profit Sharing & Dividends

HOTBTC Exchange is a fastest growing innovative bitcoin trading site. We are expanding our service and are ready to share our profit with those loyal who believe that together we will achieve best.We are happy to announce that any of our user can become a HOTBTC partner and receive dividends in BTC coin from BTC turnover on the HOTBTC cryptocurrency trading platform.

The Way to Acquire it

1. For User - Deposit BTC and trade coin with any other token or coin listed on HOTBTC.

If the trade volume done by user is more than 5000 USD a day for a month, then for the consecutive month, user will get 50% profit sharing from the entire profit having by HOTBTC on BTC pair from its trading fees.

Meanwhile, HOTBTC is sharing 50% of its profit with all qualified Users on volume basis, if they fulfill these conditions.

Dividends Rules

*Profit / dividend will be given on 1st of every month.

*Statistics of dividend distribution will be released every month.

*Rewards are calculated in BTC only and only on BTC pairs.

*Total user benefits are equal to maximum 50% of the trading fee earned by

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