Profit Sharing on Crypto Trading

Posted On : 07 Sep 2020
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With a huge development in the crypto domain, there are a number of exchanges that have successfully spread the roots in the industry.
HotBTC is one of those renowned cryptocurrency exchanges that draw the attention of many traders by offering the best in the industry. This crypto exchange has come up with a profit-sharing policy that could help you maximize your trade opportunities. Once you become a registered trader of the platform you are eligible for profit sharing on HotBTC.

The profit-sharing policy of HotBTC allows you to grow your passive income simply by holding the digital assets available on the exchange. HotBTC provides you with substantial opportunities to trade on all types of digital currencies such as ETH, Bitcoin Altcoins, and share also shares the profit with you as well. This crypto exchange platform is technologically advanced, thus giving you the opportunity of instant trades, ICO listing, and coin listing on HotBTC which are available at its best. However, the most interesting thing about the profit-sharing policy provided by HotBTC is that the profit is shared only with the traders of the platform in a secure and transparent manner.

Here are some of the profit-sharing dividend rules or attributes for all the qualified traders as set by HotBTC, and according to it –

  • The platform will provide you with the statistics of the dividend distribution that will be released once in a month accordingly.
  • You are entitled to receive rewards at the end of each month.
  • The profit-sharing plan is particularly developed for the registered traders only.

The profit-sharing plan of HotBTC can further be described and according to it the exchange will be sharing 50% of its total profit with you but based only on the trade volume of the trades you complete. However, there are certain benefits of the profit-sharing policy such as –

  • You are bound to receive the profit only on the 1st of every month.
  • The profits that are being shared with you will only be calculated in BTC.
  • Total user benefit or profit may equal to 50% of the entire trade fee.

HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange and apart from offering different trade opportunities you are exposed to market liquidity and could easily generate more funds, which is applicable both for its traders and the companies using the platform. The Profit-sharing and dividend program of HotBTC is the core concept which allows you to emerge with passive outcomes simply by holding on with the tokens gathered or available in your digital wallet.

When talking about the trade opportunities provided by HotBTC, after becoming a registered trader you can keep track of all your trade activities using the advanced facilities provided such as live data charts, price charts, etc. The digital wallet facility built for the traders is quite unique and it lets the traders store their cryptocurrencies in a secure manner by keeping track of each and every transaction as well. This is the reason by which HotBTC hasacclaimed the title of the best cryptocurrency exchange for offering such opportunities.

This crypto exchange has successfully become the best crypto trading platform and the profit-sharing policy is a core concept of it allowing the traders to receive all the positive outcomes of their trades simply by holding on with the digital currencies as offered or available on the platform. According to the profit-sharing plan, HotBTC will be sharing its profit with the traders and offer different trading opportunities in a synchronous manner. The best part is all the traders are eligible for profit sharing on HotBTC, and the exchange gives you a chance to become a partner in order to receive the dividends in BTC from the entire BTC turnover of the platform.

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