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Posted On : 14 Jul 2020
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ICO Listing in HotBTC

The ICO Airdrops on a top crypto trading platform like HotBTC is
particularly designed to distribute more coins to people who would like to market the coins or the project in the same manner in order to generate more profit. You can easily obtain airdrop cryptos by downloading any protocol and register for the following on and social media channels of HotBTC Exchange like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The most interesting fact is ICOs are well known to have huge potential that can give you a lot of profit and bring in huge profit from the market volatility as well.

The only thing you should do is select the right ICO for you because if the ICO coins you choose do not hold any value then you may risk losing money. Apart from ICO airdrops there so many other choices that may be a bit harder for you to select and make the most profit out of a trade and become an industry expert. The interesting fact is there are scores of opportunities for people interested in making a profit from cryptocurrency trading. HotBTC is the best crypto trading exchange that allows you to earn and make a profit from the trading of Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, and several other income-generating methods such as mining, listing coins, and ICO listing, finding airdrops and several others.

There is a separate section for ICO Airdrop with starting and ending dates that are displayed along with the ICO and its description The best part of ICO airdrop on HotBTC is that it is a perfect marketing tool that can be used to invite more
people to join the respective blockchain network. It is one of the most powerful marketing strategies adopted by HotBTC, and airdropping is more popular which has improved ICO projects as well. These days’ traders are more inclined towards knowing more about how to receive free tokens, and some of the airdropped ICOs want other prospective traders.

Here are some of the popular airdrops on this top crypto trading
platform –

  • Sign-up airdrops

This airdrop strategy is used to provide reward tokens to anyone who has simply signed up on any specific blockchain network.

  • Social media airdrops

This can be called as a different type of marketing strategy where the traders are offered airdropped tokens for performing different tasks on social media platforms.

  • Referral airdrops

Using this type of ICO airdrop tokens are rewarded to all the existing traders whose referrals have already successfully signed up on the blockchain network.

  • Exclusive airdrops

In the cryptocurrency industry, some exchanges do offer exclusive
airdrops, and these airdrops are far more rewarding when compared to any traditional airdrop.

Apply now for ICO airdrops on HotBTC

ICO airdrop on HotBTC does follow certain rules, for example, in order to apply for ETH airdrop you need to send messages personally in order to receive the tokens. You need to have a specific number of followers on the social media platforms for maintaining an active account and receive airdropped tokens. However, if you are a crypto trader with a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio then you are more likely to receive more airdropped tokens.

Some of the must-have tools to get airdropped tokens –

  • An active cryptocurrency wallet.
  • An Ethereum wallet.
  • Telegram account.
  • Social media account.
  • Twitter account.
  • Valid email address.

Before going for an ICO airdrop on HotBTC, it is important that you do proper research on the project and keep faith in its out comings. In terms of ICO airdrops, you should even analyze the technology in order to make sure whether it makes sense to participate in the ICO airdrop or not.

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