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Posted On : 13 Jul 2020
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HotBTC Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchanges are the breeding ground of traders and users with a motive to buy, sell, and, trade their coins and tokens of the platform. The referral affiliate program of HotBTC is particularly designed for the users of the platform to attract traders in order to provide you with the opportunities to trade more. The referral program of HotBTC is specifically built to allow the users of the platform to invite their friends and receive a referral reward at the end or completion of a successful crypto trade. Every exchange has its own referral programs and the registered traders on the trading platform will receive a personal referral link in order to invite their friends and create a new user base and receive commissions or refer and earn on the platform

According to the referral program of HotBTC – You will be

  • Receiving permanent and additional revenue in real-time mode.
  • Receiving referral rewards only after your invited or referred friend becomes a member of HotBTC by registering through his/her account by using the HotBTC trader app using your referral code.
  • Receiving referral rewards that will be calculated on every buy order that is successfully executed by your referred friend.
  • Receiving referral rewards that will only be calculated in BTC.
  • Receiving referral rewards which will be equivalent to 10% of the total trading fees of HotBTC.

Apart from referring and earning on the platform, HotBTC is the top crypto trading platform for listing your ICOs, new coins, and tokens as well. In the crypto industry, HotBTC is one of the most globally acclaimed cryptocurrency exchanges that offer its traders to refer and earn from their trades. The best thing about HotBTC is that this platform offers an extensive opportunity to trade with different digital currencies and tokens by maintaining industry standards in a more secure and streamlined manner.

You can even trade from any part of the world and at any time of the day using the HotBTC mobile app available on Google Play Store
Moreover, with the inclusion of secure and encrypted technology, HotBTC gives you complete control of your trades on the exchange platform. However, the most interesting thing about the referral program of HotBTC is that you continue to receive your referral rewards even if your referred friend does not sign up or trade for the entire day. HotBTC is offering this referral program in order to provide you with the maximum referral bonuses once your referred friend becomes a member of the exchange.

By opting for this program, once your referred friend has successfully completed a trade, you will start receiving rewards that equal 10% of HotBTC’s trading fee almost instantly. This referral program is best designed to offer the best trading opportunities to each every people wanting to enter the cryptocurrency trade domain. Moreover, the referral rewards you receive will be calculated in BTC only and it will be directly deposited or transferred to your digital wallet sooner or later.

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