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Posted On : 05 Aug 2020
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HotBTC Android Application

Concerned about remote trading? Let the HotBTC mobile app handle all your trades from any location. Managing your digital assets has become easier with the HotBTC mobile app that is available on the Google Play store This crypto trade application of HotBTC offers extensive trading options in a secure and streamlined manner without any hassle. Built with the latest features, the mobile app helps you trade on the go from any corner of the globe, even remote locations. Here are some of the important features of HotBTC mobile application-

  • Personal profile and account monitoring feature.
  • Two-factor authentication security feature.
  • Buy, sell or easily exchange currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, etc.
  • Wallet system for secure storage of digital assets.
  • Customizable trading interface with the features you use the most.
  • A simple and clean design that is easy to understand.
  • Multi-currency balance display.
  • Secure password and seed key.
  • Generation of QR-code for payments.
  • SMS or email notifications with real-time price updates and current
  • exchange rates.
  • Integrated social networks.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Supports a vast number of coins and tokens.

The HotBTC android app is best for accessing the exchange platform from any remote location and serves its purpose – trade on the go, and the features of the apps are designed as per user needs and preferences. Apart from the mobile app, HotBTC is the best cryptocurrency exchange that has introduced the referral programs in order to provide you with the referral bonuses once your referred friend becomes a member of the exchange by registering through the mobile app. The process is very simple; all your friend needs to do is use your referral code and register them on the HotBTC mobile application.

How the HotBTC mobile app is beneficial for you?

In the era of smartphones, different types of mobile apps are here to stay for long and cannot be replaced as of now, and HotBTC mobile app is one such example. Being a renowned crypto trading platform HotBTC has provided a new kind of financial tool that can help you make millions within a very short span of time. Now, getting back to smartphones, they are irreplaceable and it is hard to get people out of using the devices. Be it dawn or dusk people are always attached to their smartphones and spend a lot of their time throughout the day.

Frequent use of these devices has hugely impacted even the best crypto trading platform over recent years making them more reliable and hassle-free to trade on. Before choosing the best and viable option to trade with the cryptocurrencies, here are some of the benefits of the crypto trading mobile app you need to be aware of –

  • It lets you trade on the go irrespective of the time, place, and any other criteria.
  • It makes crypto trade easier and practical for you.
  • It eliminates the requirement of logging in to the exchange website every to continue with your trades.
  • It helps in increasing the crypto trading user-base from business people’s perspective.
  • It helps in increasing the total number of traders or user-base on the exchange platform.
  • It helps in increasing your brand reputation from a business perspective.
  • It helps in increasing liquidity which will attract people to trade more.

The HotBTC android app is the great fusion of security and support and is totally built for managing and trading your digital assets with minimum effort. Moreover, HotBTC is the market leader in crypto trading and provides the best cryptocurrency trading opportunities particularly designed for each and every individual user according to their needs and preferences.

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