What is cryptocurrency trading or exchange pairs? How to choose an exchange pair to trade?

Posted On : 21 Jan 2020
Category : Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency coin trading platform is a bit different from trading other assets like stocks and commodities.However, it is not that complicated and there are no major differences between them, but in most cases, the operations are the same and even the indicators are reusable as well. In comparison to stocks and commodities, cryptocurrencies are not traded against the US dollar or any other fiat currencies. These currencies are only traded against other cryptocurrencies or cash, but some of them can also be traded with other cryptos in the form of trading pairs. For trading, this type of currencies, in-exchange a trading pair is required. Apart from using exchange pairs, in most cases, people often like to trade using BTC (bitcoin).

The price of a bitcoin used is actually the value of the cryptocurrency displayed, mentioning how much currency you get for exchanging the digital currencies. The working principle of a trading pair is very simple and it works by comparing the price of one cryptocurrency with another. Moreover, it helps establish a currency value and lets you know the actual worth of a certain amount of fiat currency. The exchange pairs also help establish the value of any asset while being traded with another asset. But there is a small difference, often people don’t use multiple fiat currencies to complete regular transactions. It is also possible to buy Ethereum using Bitcoin and sell Ethereum for Bitcoin as well. While choosing the best trading pair, one important thing that should be made clear is that you select the one which has the best value to offer. Since losing money while trading is not the right option, so it is important to check the current market trends while keeping the trading volume into consideration as well. An exchange pair that has low trading volume could help in continuing the trade for a considerable time, and it can also help in making the right decision to choose the right pair even being ahead with the deal. However, for currency exchange in the crypto exchange website, it is important to have at least one pair before proceeding with the trade, which can be done by choosing from the best currencies of your choice.

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